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The volunteer club is officially formed in 2004. It was re-structured and re-organised from the old volunteer model of Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple (GP Care) and Metta Welfare Association. This new formation aims to centralise all volunteer control and operations where resources are pooled together under a better-organised structure. Today, the volunteer club serves within the organisation but eventually the vision is to grow out of itself to extend its services to other welfare organisations locally and globally. This la Impossible without good leadership from the volunteer committee team and the spirit in each individual volunteer.


“A world class volunteer club that la young, dynamic and well networked where everyone feels at home."


Every volunteer is treated and respected in the same way regardless of seniority status. Each individual is oven the opportunity to share their views and opinions as it matters to the organisation.


A well informed group of volunteers through effective communication channels.


A young and dynamic spirit in every volunteer.


"To support the mission of BTRTS and its affiliated organisations as well as other external organisations locally and globally "

Volunteer Profile

We hope our volunteers to fulfil the following 3Cs model in order to provide a better volunteers services.


An individual that Is positive in attitude and brings along a smile.


The motivation of an individual must be correct and he/she must be able to commit his/her time in the volunteering work. This IS to ensure regular and smooth support to the organisation when required.


Every individual will be asses on his/her initial capabilities and experience before assigning to any group. This is to maximise an individual's capabilities through leveraging on their skills and contributions.

Training and upgrade courses will be available for volunteers at later stages of their service if necessary to enable them to stay competent in serving the organisation.