BTRTS-SUTD Annual Scholarship

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple-SUTD Scholarship is given out annually to a student from the Singapore University Of Technology And Design(SUTD). The Scholarship offers financial support towards the annual subsidised tuition fees and other study related expenses for one academic year. This award is open to Singaporean Citizens who are full time undergraduates who are intending to enrol or are enrolled in the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar at the university. To qualify, they must have a per capita income lower than $2000 per month and have good academic standing. Also, the student must display good moral character and community spirit. Through the sponsorship of this Scholarship, we hope to make a real impact on our society and community by nurturing bright students from humble backgrounds and letting them have access to financial resources to become future leaders and innovators in technology.



Scholarship recipient of the year: