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Sarira,or what is commonly known as relic,is the spiritual energy left behind after the death of a sage, upon the cremation of his body.In Buddhist context,sarira refers to the crystallization of soild remains of Buddha Sakyamuni or eminent sangha after their cremation.The emergence of relics signifies that the spiritual energy of Buddha or the spiritual practitioner during their lifetime is constant and serene,untainted by nature’s forces yet elevated due to persevering religious practices.Hence this energy is converted to physical forms to what we known as relics ,the very essence of wisdom,the fruit of spiritual labour,free of lust,greed and wrath.
In the accounts of depicting the passing on of Buddha in the Mahaparinirvana Sutra,the Buddha mentioned seeing His relics is as good as seeing the Buddha in person,as good as learning the Dharma and knowing nirvana.Such is the immense gratitude one should hold while seeing the relics of Buddha. Here in the Relic Chamber ,we showcase the sacred relics of Buddha ,such as bone relic,
Intestine relic,blood relic ,brain relic,tongue relic, etc, to let devotees to have the Chance to venerate and offer respects to the Buddha’s relics in person.