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Thoughts are flashing repeatedly in our minds like lightning in the sky. We could experience that it obscures our inner peace. Spend a day with us and create the opportunity to untie these incessant flow of thoughts ,recharge our mind and have a better advancement in our daily lives.
The one-day mindfulness retreat allows participants to understand their minds better ,more aware of their emotions and how to manage them.Not forgetting to experience the peacefulness being taught in simple yet profound manner.

Meditation Benefits:

Indulge in infinite joy and benefit through meditation.

Reduce anxiety and stress:

It is hard to break through the mental clutters when our minds are lost in stress. Meditation acts as a great stress reliever by guarding the mind and segregates worries, negative thoughts and mental discomfort from it. A clinical research done by Harvard University has proven that meditation helps to develop , maintain ,stabilize and balance mental states of mind, thus able to deal with circumstances positively during distressing situation. It is also shown that meditation does improve mood and memory ability.

Enhance Health:

The cause of illness and diseases are brought on by anxiety, greed and ignorance as found by the scientists. The main benefit of meditation is to let our minds stay in peaceful and calm and this state naturally strengthens our immunity.

Improve Relationship:

Throught meditation our minds will be clear and calm thus when interacting with people ,they could feel our warmness and patience hence relationships will gradually improve.

Develop Wisdom:

In Surangama Sutra Buddha explained that three fold study of the supramuadane way ,that is the control of mind , called Sila that is uphold precepts .Will lead to stillness (Dhyana)and thence to wisdom(Prajna).Meditation is mind training which eventually achieve concentration(Samadhi) and wisdom to evadicate all delusions and illusions.
The training of mind through meditation (Dhyana or Jhana) calls concentration (Samadhi) and the training in discemment and wisdom (prajna).

One-day Mindfulness Retreat Programme:

09:00am     Meditation techniques Refresher
09:30am     Sitting Meditation
10:20am     Walking Meditation / 10mins Rest
10:30am     Sitting Meditation
10:50am     Washroom break
11:00am     Mindfulness Contemplation
11:30am     Vegetarian Lunch
12:30pm     Break
13:00pm     Sleeping Meditation
14:00pm     Walking Meditation
14:15pm     Dharma explanations
14:45pm     Sitting Meditation
15:30pm     Sharing of experiences / Q & A Sessions
16:30pm     Working Meditations