Promote and impart Buddhism's teachings antl culture through different arts form
Promote and Preserve Chinese Traditions and Culture
Promote Singapore and Chinatown Culture
Provide new platforms for artist to showcase their creativity
Theatre inside a Temple is unique, so is the Etiquette
Nagapusa Theatre Etiquette
• In order to avoid the interference of the performance, please switch off all beeping devices before commencement of show
• No photography, videography or any forms of recording are allowed during performance. This is to avoid copyright infringement.
• No smoking inside the theatre
• Complimentary ticket holders. Please turn up for your date. If you are unable to make it, give the tickets to anyone who is interested or simply return it to the organizer.
• Strictly no non-vegetarian food and pets inside the theatre
• Wear appropriate attire to show respect, no bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, etc