• One Day Mindfulness Retreat
  • 6-syllable Mantra
  • Basic Meditation Course
  • Dharani Sutra
  • Discovering Buddhism
  • Kishitgarbha Bodhisattva Birthday Blessings
  • Learn Buddhism in Chinese
  • Maitri Youths
  • Saturday Guided Tour
  • Ushnisha Vijaya Blessing Ceremony
  • Manjushri Bodhisattva Blessing Ceremony
  • Eight Precepts Ceremony
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  • Planet Mothers Blessing Ceremony.jpg

What Our BTRTS Logo Symbolizes

Buddha Image

The Dhammakaya of all Buddhas arise from the perfection of all actions and the fruition of all virtues. Encompassing limitless life, there is no birth and death, no more coming and going.


The heart of mantra, the greatest of all mantras. This is the abode of all Buddhas.

Ray of Light

The bright light of Buddha is like the rising sun, its radiance fills the world where beings abide in loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity, ensuring they gain rebirth in the good destinations and practice the three vehicles which carry living beings across samsara.


Realising the four transcendental realities in Nirvana, the peaceful mind of beings are no longer tainted by defilements.

Golden Colour

When the great compassionate Maitreya Buddha arrives, the world plagued by the five dreaded calamities of degeneracy would be filled with golden light, transformed into the pure land.

Red Colour

The power and authority of the Buddhist doctrine, with warmth and affection.