Greetings ! Welcome to the Eminent Sangha Museum.This museum is established to specially feature images and life stories of eminent monks in Singapore and from all around the world,who had inspired many generations with their awe inspiring stories and contributions to the society. Their devotion and selfless spirit are rolle models worthy of emulatioin.
Since the opening up and rapid development of Singapore after Sir Stamford Raffles's arrival in 1989,immigrants from China,India ,Arabia ,Sri Lanka and parts of South East Asia flocked to Singapore,bringing with them their culture ,skills ,wisdom and religion .The plural society of multi-races,myriad of religions and cultures is the product of the influx of immigrants.Buddhism in Singapore flourished under such circumstances;eminent monks sowed their seeds of wisdom in Singapore ,setting the conditions for the blossming of Theravada,Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhist traditions under one roof.

The eminent sanghas featured in this museum include eminent monks predominantly from china during early 20th Century and settled down in Singapore ,including Ven.Hong Choon,Ven.Yen Pei ,Ven.Song Nian, Ven.Chang kai,Ven.Guang Qia ,Ven.Long Gen and Ven.Beow Teng.
They have achieved great accomplishments in Dharma teachings and have made tremendous social contributions ,devoted themselves in promoting charity activities and laid the foundation of racial harmony among different religions in Singapore.
Besides local eminent monks,the museum also features distinguished monks from around the world .Eminent monks in Mahayana tradition include Hong Kong's Ven .Jue Guang and Taiwan's Ven.Jing Xin. Eminent monks from Theravada Buddhism include Ven.Galboda Siri Gnanissara from Sri Lanka.They have devoted their entire lives to Dharma ,reconcile and briging ties with all other religious leaders of other races, as well as promoting and advocating world peace and harmony.
Let us pay our utmost respect and gratitude to the eminent sanghas.

Opening Hours

7am to 7pm, Mon - Sun
Including public holidays
Museum & Stupa Chamber
9am to 6pm, Mon - Sun
Including public holidays


1. Wear appropriate attire to show respect; no bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, etc
2. Strictly no pets and non-vegetarian food within the Temple.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
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