History Gallery of BRTRM –Tracing the heritage of BTRTM

Surrounding the Aranya Gallery is the History Gallery of Buddha Tooth Reilc Temple and Museum , which showcases the origin,building process and the conceptualisation of the temple design.Through the precious images and design prototypes,you can better understand how we received valuable support from the public and developed a majestic Building with splendid Buddhist art from scratch.

Opening Hours

7am to 7pm, Mon - Sun
Including public holidays
Museum & Stupa Chamber
9am to 6pm, Mon - Sun
Including public holidays


1. Wear appropriate attire to show respect; no bare backs, off-shoulders, shorts, mini-skirts, etc
2. Strictly no pets and non-vegetarian food within the Temple.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore, 2019