Eminent Sangha Museum


Welcome to the Eminent Sangha Museum! While you enter the Eminent Sangha Museum at the Mezzanine level, you will see before you the map (accompanied by a woodcarving of Bodhidharma) tracing the spread of Buddhism across Asia.

At the right-hand side of the Bodhidharma, you will view a synopsis of the Eminent Sangha Museum.

As you walk through the hallway, you will find interesting displays of both local and overseas eminent monks in the Eminent Sangha Museum. The purpose of the Eminent Sangha Museum is to inspire later generations of Buddhist devotees with these eminent monks’ compassion and commitment to their nation and people, thereby providing role models for all to emulate.

Google Virtual Tour of Eminent Sangha Museum

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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
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Take a virtual tour of the Eminent Sangha Museum here via Google Maps, and be inspired by the life stories of these distinguished monks from around the world.

Floor plan of Eminent Sangha Museum

To find out more details about the Venerables (as wax figures) on display, just locate a specific numbered icon on the floor plan above. Please note that object locations may vary, and the museum may be closed to the public without prior notice. Feel free to hover and click on the icons to explore the wonders of the Eminent Sangha Museum.