Nagapuspa Theatre - Multi-purpose Hall

Located at Basement 1, the Theatre will be a contemporary Chinese theatre with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. Various events will be regularly held here, which include film shows, seminars, workshops, talks, conferences, orchestra performances and cultural programmes. The Theatre will also be available for rental for appropriate Programmes.

Five Insights Hall - Vegetarian Dining Hall

The Lord Buddha always teaches us to respect life, take good care of life and maintain long term peace. Therefore, to fulfil the Buddha, teachings, the Five Sights Hall will provide vegetarian food to locals and tourists who visit our temple.
Venerable Shi Fazhao pointed out that vegetarian food is not only part of Buddhist culture; but it would eventually become part of the modern lifestyle. Enjoying healthy vegetarian food not only promotes benevolence and prevents the slaughtering of animals; It also helps to promote the development of the harmonious sprit in the modem city life.
The five sights include.
1. counting the amount of the merits, paying attention to where it comes from;
2. thinking of what I have done right, accumulating more good deeds;
3. prevent doing wrong things;
4. right action is the best medicine
5. in order to complete the karma of Buddhism, one must take this food.