Special Contractor

Whilst the external facade is majestic, the interior will be breath-taking. The relentless pursuit to craft the fascinating interiors and bring you the best views often challenge the interior designers and installation contractors. A most challenging but satisfying effort, requiring utmost attention to even the smallest details.

Taiwan Huangmu Art Center

Address: 65 Nan-Wha Road Tong-Shiau Town Miao-Li Taiwan R.O.C
Tel: (037) 758653-6
Fax: (037) 756524

Shanghai Kangyu Enterprise

Address: 上海市閔行區華翔路34號
Tel: +86-21-64518800, 86-21-64385109
Fax: +86-21-52271335
Website: www.kygroup.com
Email: kycopper@kygroup.com

China Chin Ting Enterprise

Address(Taibei): 台北市民生西路323號9 F-5
Tel: (02)2553-5698, (02)2553-3816
Address(China): 福州進丁工藝品有限公司(中國福建省福州市倉山區先農村)
Tel: (0591) 8343-7278, (0591) 8359-6198

Shanghai You Shan Guan Decorate Design CO. , LTD

Address: 上海閔行區七莘路万科城市花園338號101室
Tel: +86-21-64190959
Fax: +86-21-64780037
Email: youshanguan@yahoo.com.cn

Yueqing Global Arts And Crafts Factory of Zhejiang Province

Address: 柳市鎮育英南路17號
Tel: (0577) 62771168
Fax: (0577) 62772716

Yueqing Global Arts And Crafts Factory of Zhejiang

Address: 蘇州市高新區鎮湖秀品街317號
Tel: (0612) 66911188
Fax: (0612) 66912869

Nanjing Loom Factory

Address: 北京東路31號工藝美術大樓612號
Tel: (025) 83610503
Fax: (025) 85561803

Wuhu Zao Zhuan Factory, China

Address: 安徽省蕪湖市勞動西路118號
Tel: (0553) 3935348
Fax: (0553) 3879010
Website: www.wczz.com
Email: jyk@wczz.com

Beijing Enamel Factory. ,LTD

Address: 中国北京宗文区安乐林路10號
Tel: (025) 87292527/887281155-987
Mobile: (025) 13910612516