Front Office

We aim to provide excellent service to all our donors, understanding and assisting in them with their needs in terms of Buddhist services offered at the BTRTM and to further enhance the close relationship between the BTRTM and our donors.

At our newly expanded Front Office service counters, donors’ generosity can find multiple forms of expression at the BTRTM via our friendly staff as follows:

Adoption of BTRTM’s sutra books, artefacts, Buddhist ornaments.
Participation in various Buddhist ceremonies
Participating ceremonies on anniversary observance days
Offerings of flowers and lights
Sponsoring of vegetarian meals for the venerable Sangha and the public

In this vein, Group Services has been incorporated into the Donor Relations Department. Besides continuing to provide guided tours for organised group visits to the BTRTM by local and international visitors, we have been developing special overseas tours with Buddhist themes for our devotees.