Community Involvement

We are also extremely pleased to work hand-in-hand with various Residents’ Committee (RC), Community Clubs (CC) and schools in conducting their Inter-Racial Harmony tours in BTRTM. Tours are also conducted for various old folks’ homes whose residents were particularly excited to visit our temple. Special arrangements had to be made for wheelchair-bound residents for easy access within the temple grounds. Some of the homes which have visited BTRTM are:

  • Bukit Batok Old Folks Home
  • SILRA Home
  • Tai Pei Old People’s Home

A continue emphasis will be placed on developing good working partnerships with various organisations to increase our local and overseas visitors:

  • Inbound & Outbound tour agencies
  • Hotels & airlines
  • Schools and Government Organisations
  • Residents’ Committees and Community Clubs
  • Singapore Tourism Board

To realise our vision of delivering excellent tour services to our visitors and devotees, we focus on refining our services and skills, as well as welcoming members of the public to assist us as volunteers or as sponsors.